The Wrangler Rooted Collection™

Wrangler is one of the largest denim brands on the planet. As such, sustainability and environmental stewardship are a focal point of their thinking, values and processes. Still, in the world of fast fashion and wasteful manufacturing, how can a brand go against the grain and move the needle towards more planet-positive practices?

Rooted Ticketing

We worked with Wrangler to create a distinct identity for a new collection of responsibly-made denim, born from the company's industry-leading sustainability initiatives. The challenge was not only a creative one, but a strategic one. We needed a name for the collection. There were multiple core messages to communicate, all of them important. And like everything else in retail, real estate is scarce.

Before we could conceptualize a name or identity, we had to wrap our minds around the three guiding pillars:

Rooted Core

Weaving these three related yet different messages into a cohesive narrative would require a layered approach. The more the customer digs, the richer the story should become. And from buttons and shanks to pocket prints and patches, every element needed to connect the jeans back to healthy soils and the hands that farm it.

Most people care about the earth, but we found it's even easier to get excited about sustainable farming when you realize it's happening closer than you think.

Pocket Bags Designs 1
Rooted Pocketbag 2
Pocket Bag Designs 2
Rooted Pocketbag 1
Rooted Humble Trim
Rooted Simple Trim
Rooted Maximum Trim
Rooted Leg Roll
Rooted Patches
Rooted Back Patch Applied

Growing sustainable cotton is hard work, work that deserves to be celebrated. We used custom lettering, idyllic imagery and the farmers' signatures to cultivate a wholesome and distinguished tone for the jean design. By driving a direct connection between a customer's purchase choice and healthy soils on American farms, the collection strikes a potent combination of product and purpose.

The pillars were established at the outset, but this initiative still needed a name.

Rooted Names

The Wrangler Rooted Collection™ calls customers to reexamine where their clothes come from. All threads eventually lead back to the earth, and these sustainably sourced jeans provide a rare opportunity to take pride in cotton.

“ We couldn’t be happier with the work Airtype has done for us over the years. They are our go-to local agency for all things creative. From branding and design to one-off questions on communications strategy, their work is always fresh and inspired. ”
Roian Atwood
Senior Director of Global Sustainable Business, Kontoor Brands
Rooted Backpatch
Rooted Jean Fold
Rooted Patch Rooted Button
Rooted Photoshoot 3
Rooted Photoshoot 4
Rooted Photoshoot
Rooted Photoshoot2

To introduce this collection to the world, we visited one of the local farms where cotton was grown and harvested for Wrangler Rooted™. The cotton flowers, cloud-like in appearance, brought a striking visual element to the photography for a variety of print and digital marketing applications.

Rooted Digital Ads
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