Airtype is a creative studio of developers, designers & strategists who transform businesses into beloved brands.

We work with remarkable clients.

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We convinced these beautiful humans to work for us:

  • Led

    Bryan built Airtype from the ground up with only a BMX bike and dream. To say that he likes IPAs would be the understatement of the century.

    Nickname: The Bloodledder
    Words Spoken Before Noon: 0
    Once fake died in 'The Patriot'
  • Martin

    As Executive Director, Martin brings deep experience from both the client and agency sides of this wild, wonderful industry. He’s also left handed! Let’s hear it for the southpaws.

    Nickname: Marizard
    Camera of Choice: Leica IIIf
    Fluent in HTML5 & CSS
  • Drew

    Drew handles accounts and leads Digital Strategy at Airtype. He's also training to become a Formula 1 driver, which might explain why he's always early to meetings.

    Nickname: Uncle Drew
    Hobbies: Lifting Weights & Driving
    V excited about the next NBA season
  • Philip 2018

    Philip is the self-proclaimed Brian Eno of Airtype. In reality, he helps our design team do their best work, writes copy and snobs coffee. Ask nicely and he might make you a drink.

    Surf Green Enthusiast
    Nickname: Han Swolo
    Guitars Owned: 6
  • Garrett

    Garrett heads up the Dev department. He sometimes thinks JavaScript is a fine language. Spay and neuter your pets.

    Nickname: Sneezin' Reed
    Airtype Careers: 2
    Only Likes: Sad Music
  • Hannah

    Hannah is the ruler of all tasks. While a stickler for getting things done, she’ll never be caught taking life too seriously.

    World's Messiest Cook
    Holistic Health Nutcase
    Text Message Response Time: 24-48 Hours
  • Allan 2019

    Allan helps out with things and ideas in Airtype's Portland studio. He likes hand claps in his music, Japanese wood-case hex pencils, and will eat all of the fried okra.

    George Porter Jr. is THE bass player.
    J.R.R. Tolkien is THE author.
    Once built his own acoustic guitar.
  • Dwayne

    As a seasoned retail vet, Dwayne manages the Camel City Goods brand and regularly sings Winston-Salem’s praises. He handles office affairs & generally distrusts authority figures.

    Team: Miami Dolphins
    Dislikes: Stick figure family decals
    Hand-Written Notes on Desk: 87
  • Kyle

    Kyle is a designer born and bred in Portland, OR. He’s a wannabe DJ with a sweet spot for geometry.

    Weekly Taco Consumption: 15
    Regrets: Not taking his wife’s last name.
    Patterned Socks Owned: 19
  • Anna

    Anna is a developer that doesn’t always fully understand what she does. But, she can play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

    Nickname: Stone Cold Steve Anna
    Can’t Not Annsplain
    Level of Gullibility: High
  • Johnny

    Johnny’s creativity is driven by boundless ambition & admittedly bad jokes. He consumes an incredible amount of tacos.

    Spirit Animal: Corgi
    Childhood Hero: Mugsy Bogues
    Best Impression: British Kid Rock
  • Nick

    Nick is a chemist turned web developer, which probably makes him the smartest person here. Still, all things must come at a cost, which explains his dad jokes and puns.

    Nickname: Juicy
    Relates to Gene Belcher too much
    Owns a literal wall of board games
  • Matt

    Matt is a developer that strives to turn ideas into dope applications. When not writing code, he is probably outside lifting a car for exercise.

    Lifts weights 8 days a week
    Built a canoe with bare hands
    Computer Langauges Known: 10+
  • Justin

    Justin is a maker of videos and grower of hairs. He is also obscenely good at Karaoke. Like, it’s kind of unfair, he makes everyone else look bad.

    Designed Ice Cube's MySpace Page
    Nickname: J-Rock
    Metal Shirts Owned: ∞
  • Rob

    Rob manages our retail shop and keeps Airtype looking spiffy. His fashion sense is on point. If you play him in basketball, you will lose.

    Employee Strength Ranking: 1st
    Social Media Presence: Nah
    Number of pull-ups done daily: 200

We've got offices in different time zones:

Airtype East 1004 Brookstown Ave Winston-Salem, NC 27101 336-422-7026
Airtype West 2505 SE 11th Ave., Suite 313 Portland, OR 97202 503-731-7175
Office Photo Johnny
West Work
West Plant
West Shaq
Office Photo Hand

We offer a surprising range of services:

Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Data Analytics, Development, E-commerce, Environmental Design, Illustration, Interactive Design, Naming, Packaging, Photography, Print, Social Marketing, Strategy, Video Show me more , Companionship, Back Rubs, Conspiracy Theories, Sports Management, Microsoft Word 97-2003, Taquitos, NFL Blitz, MySpace Customization, Haiku, Whole30 Show me way more