Media + Emerging Technology Lab

The Media and Emerging Technology Lab, commonly known as METL, was founded in 2017 by the School of Filmmaking at UNCSA. Dedicated to the exploration and production of immersive storytelling content, METL is a dynamic lab where research and development are conducted with input from experts across entertainment, business, finance, technology and academia.

METL set out to shape the ways cutting edge story content will be created, consumed and told. But before they could do that, they needed a visual identity.

Metl Camera2
Metl Rig

Housed in what's known as "the cube" (a giant concrete box), METL executes projects that utilize new and unmastered technologies and ideas.

We used negative space to create the four letters of METL, referencing the ways VR and AR technologies allow us to experience a reality that's not really there (in the physical world, that is). Like the towering walls of "the cube", the shapes used to create the logo appear at a 45° angle.

The METL logotype seems to emerge from thin air, just as innovative ideas often emerge from the most unexpected places.

Designed to be kindred spirits with UNCSA's existing brand, METL's logo is comprised of fragmented pieces that work together to create the whole. The pieces can also be broken apart to form geometric patterns.

Metl Shapes
“ Working with the team at Airtype was seamless. They grasped what we were looking for very quickly, and all their design choices were innovative and on target. ”
Susan Ruskin
Executive Director, METL
Metl Initials Square Metl Initials Horizontal

Whether using the METL logo in a vibrant color setting or in black and white alongside the UNCSA brand, the logo remains distinct. The identity easily translates to standard print and stationery uses, yet the sky is the limit for digital applications.

Metl Stationery
Metl Posters
Metl Tote
“ Airtype meticulously incorporated our vision and requirements to deliver branding that works seamlessly across our diverse constituency of film studios, technology companies, startups, academia, and government. ”
Ryan Schmaltz
Director, METL

Moral of the story:

When a client asks you to don a motion capture suit for the sake of project research, you do it.

Metl Camera
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Branding
  • Animation
  • Print
  • Motion Capture