Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce

The Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce has been bringing businesses and the community together for over 130 years. With the vital role they play in the growth and development of our hometown, we were honored to be chosen to handle their rebranding and website overhaul.

They brought a desire for a modern and unique new look to better represent this great city, and the enthusiasm that came with their request was contagious. We're happy to plant our flag in Winston-Salem and call it home, and it became clear early in the process that was exactly how the Chamber felt as well.

For many of us, Winston-Salem has always been home. We've watched the city grow and expand and have been fortunate to play our own part through some of our local clients. The concept of planting of our flag turned into the perfect way to convey our sense of pride in our hometown. Designing the primary mark to include the flag became obvious, but to take it a step further we included the city's initials, "WS," into the flag itself.

Wscc Primary Half Wscc Icon

Originally two separate cities, Winston and Salem became one in 1913. Normally, a larger city annexes their smaller neighbor, but this was a partnership from the start, and the naming of the combined city mirrored that by keeping both names and joining them to form the new single city we know now. Together, Winston-Salem is stronger. Together became the best way to represent the unity found here, both because of the unique combination of two cities as well as the role the Chamber play in the community.

Wscc Together
Wscc Skyline Pattern
Wscc Skyline

The "Together" theme is continued with a collage design which highlights some of the city's iconic architecture. Rather than falling back on a standard skyline design, we merged the separate elements, creating imagery that works well across various applications. A secondary use includes an animation, currently displayed on the website, showing how separate elements joining together can create a unified and beautiful finished product.

Wscc Winston
Wscc Typography
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Wscc Stationery
“ When looking to develop and launch a new brand and website for the Chamber of Commerce, we wanted a company that brought fresh ideas and a fresh perspective to a 133 year old organization. Airtype was our choice and they delivered a first class product. It felt as if we were on the same page with our goals from day one which resulted in a seamless project. Because of their great work, we were able to re-launch the Chamber brand with a new energy focused on bringing the community together. I highly recommend Airtype for your brand and website design needs. ”
Mark Owens
President & CEO - Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce
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