Willamette Week Give!Guide

It’s not every day that you get to partner with a campaign to raise millions of dollars for 100+ local nonprofits, benefiting causes like civil and human rights, education and the environment. We jumped at the opportunity, and because we believe in what Willamette Week is doing for the community through the Give!Guide campaign, it was important for our contributions to count.

Using social media, the Give!Guide organizes “Big Give Days,” where donations made on a certain day of the week get entered into a contest to win prizes like a Sony camera, Trek commuter bike, vacation package and more. For the 2018 drive, Airtype was tasked with creating custom animations for the Big Give Days. The animations appeared on all of the Give!Guide’s social platforms, and were distributed to the campaign's 150 nonprofit partners to share.


One of Give!Guide’s major goals for 2018 was to engage Portland’s 35-and-under demographic in the spirit of giving. Since the campaign relies on a heavy social media presence to engage its audiences, we needed to create meaningful social content to engage with new young donors, utilizing our strengths in design and animation.

Asking people for money can be tough. Our solution focused on dissipating that negative energy by creating playful, charming visuals to bring a light hearted spirit to the Give!Guide brand. If our animations could intrigue a user enough to visit the Give!Guide website, then they just might find a cause they care about, and make a donation.

Trail Blazers

Catching and keeping a user's attention in a crowded, noisy social media landscape is no small feat. Fortunately, Willamette Week had some truly stellar prizes for us to bring to life. Trail Blazers tickets, anyone?

At the conclusion of the 2018 campaign, more than 450 people under the age of 35 had donated to Give!Guide partners, resulting in a donation increase of over $35k. Prizes posted with an animation often saw a significant increase in donations, like the Brasada Ranch package, which received an increase of $193,151 in donations compared to 2017. The Pro Photo Camera give day saw a $155,081 increase in donations, while the Tender Loving Empire give day increased by $44,340.

“ Airtype's animations seamlessly elevated our Big Give Days in 2018. Not only is the Airtype team great to work with, they captured the excitement of the prizes in a way that resonates deeply with our brand and allowed us to really amplify that excitement in Portland's do-gooder community. ”
Mahala Ray
Give!Guide Executive Director

Between the combined efforts of the Give!Guide's organic, unpaid social campaign and shares from their nonprofit partners, a grand total of $4,137,013 was raised for the 2018 campaign. For years to come, these funds will fuel support for Portland's most vulnerable populations and beloved causes.

Doesn't giving feel great?

Roles & Responsibilities
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