As the most powerful tool for promoting tech companies, TechNews had a unique set of challenges for their rebrand. Their new identity needed to intrigue and compel, while maintaining professional credibility with their Silicon Valley business audience.

In other words, freshen up, but don’t freak anyone out.

Tn Logo

Emphasizing the "T" and "N" in the brand name, the logo is a bold expression of the essence behind TechNews. The negative space in the logo represents the “hidden media” TechNews helps reveal, while the chat symbol reinforces the brand as a facilitator of communication and social content.

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Tn Styleguide
“ We worked with Airtype at a critical juncture, when we were crossing over from startup hustle mode into profitability. Airtype helped us turn our brand from something we were apologetic about into a powerful introduction to our product. They are inspired and fun to work with. ”
Travis Van
Founder, TechNews
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Built responsively for browsing across all devices, the landing page concisely communicates the key facets of the TechNews platform.

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Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Branding
  • Development
  • Interactive Design