Fool's Gold Honey

When urban gardening emporium Colony Urban Farm looked at their relationships with small batch honey farms, they saw an opportunity. They came to us for help establishing their private label nectar as a premium honey brand.

Naming the brand was our first challenge. With countless local and national honey products on the market, we needed a top shelf name that would stand out.

Fools Gold Logo

Drawing from a child-like sense of wonder and honey’s unmistakable hue, Fool’s Gold hit the sweet spot as a unique, classy and lighthearted name for this remarkable honey brand.

Fools Gold Scatter

Branding for honey companies often treads the same familiar territory. From the outset, we desired to create something beautiful but playful. We paired the wordmark with mismatched typefaces to lend the logo an off kilter vibe. The resulting branding appears elegant, yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. The scalable custom logotype can be distilled down to a simple monogram for applications where space is limited.

Fools Gold Monogram

We also created a series of abstract patterns to accompany the brand. Intentionally warped and skewed, the patterns bring a whimsical element to the visual identity. The geometric shapes serve as a subtle nod to pyrite, the brand’s mineral namesake.

Fools Gold Type Combo
Fools Gold Pattern4
Fools Gold Pattern1
Fools Gold Pattern3

After refining the branding, we moved straight into packaging design. The company’s evolving selection of flavor offerings created an immediate challenge. We built a color system as an intuitive solution, allowing consumers to easily distinguish flavors through a palette of warm complimentary colors.

Fools Gold Bourbon
Fools Gold Limited Edition
Fools Gold Coffee Blossom
Fools Gold Lavender
Fools Gold Southern Wildflower

For retail customers, our hope is that finding Fool's Gold on the shelf feels like stumbling upon a hidden treasure. If you see a jar out there in the wild, be sure to give it a try.

You'd be a fool not to.

Fools Gold Scene Group
Fools Gold Scene Coffee Blossom
Fools Gold Scene Bourbon
Fools Gold Scene Southern Wildflower
Fools Gold Scene Lavender
Fools Gold Scene Limited Edition
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