University of North Carolina School of the Arts

We were thrilled to rebrand an institution as iconic and historic as the UNCSA, our nation’s first public arts conservatory. Founded in 1963, UNCSA serves as the umbrella to five distinct conservatories, each focusing on its own unique arts discipline.

Uncsa Primary
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Uncsa Seal

The visual identity embraces the collaborative nature of the arts, a core value of the university. Inspired by Didone typography, the wordmark consists of individual shapes which collectively form a classic mark with a modern lean.

Uncsa  Half Colorsalt

School Colors (or lack thereof)

Like a black box theater or the white walls of an art gallery, the use of crisp black and white as school colors facilitates a timeless aesthetic for UNCSA. This approach allows the exceptional talent of students and faculty to remain the focus.

Plus, what's classier than black and white?


The thoughtful sans serif form of Gotham connects with UNCSA’s progressive way of thinking, representing the school and its constant pursuit of the unknown.

As a transitional serif, Utopia bridges the gap between old and new by leaning heavily on tradition while exhibiting subtle modern characteristics.

Together, these typefaces comprise a unique blend of contemporary and classical styles.

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“ Airtype’s rebrand captures our artistic spirit and aligns with our vision of a modern, future-focused arts institution. The design integrates beautifully and seamlessly across a wide variety of marketing collateral, digital platforms, campus signage and internal communications. ”
Lindsay Bierman
Chancellor, UNC School of the Arts
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Roles & Responsibilities
  • Branding
  • E-Commerce
  • Interactive Design
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