Hoots Beer Co.

We've had the joy of working with this brewery since before they even had a building. If you can believe it, the guys at Hoots wanted their logo to feature two elements: an owl, and a snake eating its own tail. You can see how that played out...

Hoots Logo

Actually, not bad.

A rising star in the booming North Carolina beer scene, Hoots Beer Co. makes magical beer for the working man. Like Airtype, the guys at Hoots have a real D.I.Y. ethic, which made for a perfect partnership.

Hoots Wheat Circle Hoots Triangle
Hoots Gashopper

After the Hoots visual identity was established, things really got rolling...

Hoots Van Side
Hoots Van Side Detail
Hoots Van Hood
Hoots Van Side Detail Alt
“ Airtype was invaluable to the development of our brand. Their logo work precisely showcased our philosophy and continues to build the unique identity that we desire. They have a team that is inspired and capable of top-shelf design work. ”
Eric Swaim
Co-Founder, Hoots Beer Co.
Hoots Catalog Detail
Hoots Catalog Intro Hoots Catalog Beer

Since our creative partnership began in 2014, we’ve handled projects large and small. From wood-mounted bar menus and letterpress draft catalogs to 32 ounce beer cans and vehicle wraps, our work with Hoots continues to be a source of pride and inspiration.

Hoots Hoodie
Hoots Keg Collar
Hoots Kegs
Hoots Window Decal
Hoots Crowler
Hoots Brewed
Hoots Pattern
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Development
  • Interactive Design
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Print